Emergency food

Jam, Jars, Fruit, Natural, Food, OrganicEmergency food becomes necessary when disaster strikes and your grocery stores are forced to close or have run out of food. Interestingly, grocery stores only stock approximately 1 week’s worth of food at any given time. So exercising is a real possibility, particularly if they’re forced to close because of bad weather or can’t get resupplied. The government would have you believe that 72 hours is enough time for them to restore critical infrastructure and save your loved ones. I’m here to tell you that is baloney. You only need to look at recent examples around the U.S. to find that’s not correct. By Hurricane Katrina, Harvey and Irma to the California wildfires and many floods that occur every year.

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You should try to store a minimum of 30 days worth of emergency food for each family member. Attempting to stockpile more than a couple of months worth of food or even a year’s value is unrealistic and inefficient.
It’s unrealistic because trying to store that much food will ask you to control various factors such as temperature and humidity. You’ll need to rotate the food to ensure it doesn’t spoil or become destroyed by pests. Also, if you are forced to evacuate you will not have the ability to carry all of your food, so you’ll have to abandon it.
Unless you’re an expert in keeping your meals, the process will become inefficient. And even if you’re an expert, you’ll still experience loss due to pests, rodents, and insects. You’ll also be made to inspect your food regularly and toss out anything that’s contaminated and spoiled. This process is not only ineffective and time-consuming but could result in very low morale for your loved ones. For a better manner, consider storing freeze-dried food which has a very long shelf life.
The freeze-drying process used to create mountain home freeze-dried food preserves the finest qualities of their food. More importantly, it keeps the natural enzymes in the food, so you’re eating healthy. The food is also guaranteed to taste great after 30 years.
Mountain House freeze-dried food is cooked from the exact ingredients as home-cooked meals but only takes 10 minutes to prepare. The freeze-dried food is made using three fundamental processes.
Firstthey supply quality raw ingredients. Second, their freeze drying food equipment has distinct benefits over others, making their meals taste, look and stay fresher, weigh less and keep more nutrients. Others, merely assemble freeze-dried ingredients in a package.

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